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Proven Ayurveda Proprietary Medicine

We develop novel and cost effective phyto-nano drug targets for anti-neutropenia and anti-cancer. It fastens improvement post surgery and chemotherapy.

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Immune Booster

It disrupt drug resistance in tumors by targeting pathways of apoptic mechanisms in cancer cells and simultaneously activating the immune cells for preventing cancer cell proliferation.

100% Ayurvedic

Nuimance phytovigyan is a nano drug discovery and development company with a portfolio of safer and selective phyto-nano medicine for the treatment of cancers.

Advanced Research

Our strength derived from our unique ability of understanding best of pharmaceutical knowledge with the bio-nanotech tools and techniques to address the unmet needs of cancer.

Strengthen DNA

A Proprietary Blend of patented and tested herbal actives empowered with state of art nanobiotechnology. Reduces Side effects of chemotherapy

Meet our Leadership

Nuimance stands with excellence & experience, know more about our Leadership Team

Supriya Chaturvedi | Founder and CEO

Ms. Supriya Chaturvedi is the founder and CEO of Nuimance Phytovigyan Pvt. Ltd (NPPL). She leads administration, production of Nano anticancer adjuvant. She is involved in planning, co-ordinating and leading activities of various herbal anticancer projects for NPPL.

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Prem Pandey | Co-founder, R&D advisor

Mr. Prem Pandey is co-founder and R & D advisor of Nuimance Phytovigyan Pvt. Ltd. (NPPL).He is involved in planning, co-ordinating and leading activities of various cancer projects for NPPL.

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