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Prem Pandey | Co-founder, R&D advisor


Mr. Prem Pandey is co-founder and R & D advisor of Nuimance Phytovigyan
Pvt. Ltd. (NPPL). He advises scientific team of Nuimance on key research and
development activity.

Mr Pandey has more than 15 years of experience in the field of biotechnology,nanotechnology and business development in the field of cancer theranostics. His research area includes novel metal, metal oxide, herbal & phytochemical nanoparticles based drugs either standalone or therapeutic combinations for the treatment of cancer. He has numerous research papers on his name. He is a serial entrepreneur and successfully exited two startups. His strong expertise in nanoscience, pharma and biotech disciplines helps Nuimance to identify and develop innovative and safer chemo-immune therapeutic pre-clinical candidates for advanced cancer care.

Notable Attainments:
  • Recently featured by Print media as a key person behind non-alcoholic formulation development for the protection of frontline medical staffs at Symbiosis Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology {(1)  (2) }
  • Indian FDA approval for nanocurcumin based anticancer adjuvant post animal trials and human case studies.
  • Successful launch of anticancer adjuvant “BRECAN & BRECAN PLUS” in May 2017.
Supriya Chaturvedi | Founder and CEO

Ms. Supriya Chaturvedi is the founder and CEO of Nuimance Phytovigyan Pvt. Ltd (NPPL). She leads administration, production of Nano anticancer adjuvant. She is involved in planning, co-ordinating and leading activities of various herbal anticancer projects for NPPL.